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The Push AFO offers excellent support in the case of loss of ability to lift the foot and problems in controlling the foot when walking. The innovative design allows for a natural stride and makes safe and efficient walking possible again.

  • Inner Softshell provides comfort and good distribution of pressure.
  • Flexible Sole enables rolling of the forefoot.
  • Adjustable elastic straps.
  • Non-elastic Dyneema Stap System.

The innovative construction and the unique combination of functions of the Push AFO offer advantages in various usage situations such as walking on rough surfaces, getting up from a chair, climbing stairs and slopes. The advantage is in the efficient execution of the movement, the comfort experienced and the feeling of security. At night the Push AFO can be used as a night splint to prevent cramping or hanging of the foot. It is advised not to overly tighten the non-elastic strap system and not to close the elastic straps crosswise but to close them loosely along the side of the leg.







Correct use of your brace requires a detailed diagnosis of the cause of your pain complaints or instability. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or a specialist before applying the brace.


  • Loss of control of the ankle dorsiflexors during swing phase and during loading response (heelstrike / foot flat), possibly with ankle instability.
  • Disorders possibly involving loss of the function of the ankle dorsiflexors are: CVA, hernia, multiple sclerosis, postpolio syndrome, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, polyneuropathy


  • Loss or lack of control of the calf muscles, moderate to severe spasticity, extreme pes equinus, foot deformity.


Size Guide:

The Push AFO is available in three sizes in a left and right execution. Place the foot at a 90-degree angle in relation to the lower leg, in order to measure the exact size. Then measure the circumference around the heel and the instep of the foot as shown in the image below. See table for the correct size at each foot circumference.

     measure-ankle.png      ortho-ankle-afo-measurements.png   

How do I choose a brace?

If a brace has been prescribed or recommended, it is wise to go to a professional establishment that specialises in medical aids or rehabilitation articles. Some physiotherapists sell braces and they can also give you good advice. Choosing the right size and type of brace requires additional know-how. Always consult an expert for this kind of specialised work.

Additional Details

Push Brace Profile::
Mechanical Support (Stability)::


2 Reviews

  • 5
    Push Ortho AFO

    Published by Steve on 8th Dec 2020

    Thought I'd try this AFO after using a hinged rigid brace for many years. The comfort this has over my old one is fantastic. It still provides all the support but feels light and more flexible at the same time. Visually it is now hard to notice I am wearing a brace at all because it isn't as bulky as my previous one. I am very happy with the Push AFO.

  • 5
    So Helpful

    Published by Samantha on 10th Aug 2020

    Really helped me walk so much better supporting my foot from dropping when I go to step

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