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The Push ortho Ankle Brace Aequi Junior (or simply Aequi Junior) strikes a good balance between effective mechanical support and good wearer comfort for cases of (sub-)acute or chronic ankle injury. The brace was designed for children of 6 to 12 years of age (with shoe sizes of approximately 30-36 (EUR)). The Aequi Junior stabilises the ankle joint during inversion as well as eversion and in both neutral and flexed positions. The freedom of dorsal and plantar flexion is sufficiently maintained to allow normal walking. Optimal functioning of the brace is achieved when it is worn in a sturdy (lace-up) shoe.

The shell, which forms the basis of the brace, provides optimal support for the ankle in a simple and comfortable manner. Diagonal straps, made of non-elastic material, ensure adequate mechanical support, while elastic straps provide the correct compression.

Correct use of your brace requires a detailed diagnosis of the cause of your pain complaints or instability. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or a specialist before applying the brace.


One size: Fits children from 6 - 12 years, or shoe sizes of approximately 12 (child) - 3.5 (AUS)


How do I choose a brace?

If a brace has been prescribed or recommended, it is wise to go to a professional establishment that specialises in medical aids or rehabilitation articles. Some physiotherapists sell braces and they can also give you good advice. Choosing the right size and type of brace requires additional know-how. Always consult an expert for this kind of specialised work.

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Push Brace Profile: ortho Compression: Low Mechanical Support (Stability): Highest WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Before washing, close all fasteners to protect the brace and other laundry. - The brace can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees, on a delicates fabric cycle, or by hand. Do not use any bleaching agents. - A gentle spin-dry cycle can be used; after this, hang the brace up to dry in the open air (not near a heating source or in a tumble dryer). - To extend the brace's service life, it should be dried after use, if necessary, before being stored. IMPORTANT - Proper use of the Push brace may require diagnosis by a doctor or therapist. Please be aware that an ill-fitting brace does not function properly. Always consult your physician or therapist if complaints persist or deteriorate. - Optimal functioning can only be achieved by selecting the right size. Fit the brace before use, to check its size. Please contact your physiotherapist for guidance for the best way to fit your Push brace. Save the product information, to be able to reread the fitting instructions later. - Consult a specialist if the product requires individual adaptation. - Check your Push brace each time before using for signs of wear or ageing of parts or seams. Optimal performance of your Push brace can only be guaranteed if the product is fully intact.
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